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Chandra Drona (Baba Budan Hills) mountain range visible from Tasty World in Chikmagalur.
About Us:

About the Promoters:
For centuries, the Joint Family System has played a major role in preserving and perfecting the culinary traditions in India. Recipes and cooking secrets have been perfected and passed down generations from mother to daughter. Tasty World is a company promoted by members of a joint family which was, till recently, more than 125 members strong.

Tasty World is capable of commercializing ‘forgotten’ food products. Tasty World is a young and dynamic company driven by quality and a vision of excellence which is in the process of getting HACCP and ISO 9000 certifications. Tasty World’s technology and development processes are backed by pioneering food technologists who are recognized internationally.

Tasty World is the first manufacturer based in Karnataka to have launched Ready-to-Eat Khoa Jamun packed in asceptic cans with long shelf life. Our line of products in the South Indian ethnic snack products and savouries are manufactured in a state of the art manufacturing unit based in Chikmagalur. Unique processes have been developed in house to manufacture the products. One such process is to remove oil from the finished product mechanically in a one-of-its-kind process. This results in a product that contains considerably less oil which is appealing to the health conscious consumer.

Environmental Credentials:
Tasty World is aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and the community. In this direction, the Company has invested heavily to reduce its carbon footprint by installing a bio waste and renewable fuels based heating system for its process requirements. This step has reduced its dependence on fossil fuels like LPG and Diesel by 95%. All solid waste generated is converted to compost and used as manure, effluent is completely treated in a modern effluent treatment facility. The large quantities of waste edible oil generated is converted to bio diesel onsite and used as fuel for the Company’s trucks and generators.

The water requirements of the manufacturing unit are met by rain water harvesting sytems, which collect approximately 26,00,000 liters/annum. This has resulted in reduced burden on the local ground water.