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TASTY WORLD FOOD FACTORY is a food factory which manufactures and exports food products. The company has an excellent team of employees who are always ready to welcome visitors with a smile. The tour starts with a brief introduction of the company and its history, followed by visiting various departments such as the production department, packaging department and the quality control department.

In addition to this, the visitors can also get to know about how different types of food are manufactured in this modern factory. This includes how different flavours are created for different products using natural ingredients, how many varieties of food can be made from just one basic ingredient, what is done to maintain quality control in every stage of production and much more!

TASTY WORLD FOOD FACTORY is the best educational tour in Chikmagalur. It is the only factory of its kind in India, and one of the largest in Asia. It has been established to provide a sustainable livelihood for the rural population, who are often marginalised and excluded from mainstream economic activities.

The TASTY WORLD FOOD FACTORY is located at a distance of about 293 Kms from Bangalore. The factory offers tours that are both educational and fun for all age groups, with a focus on children, students and adults alike.

Have you ever been curious about the flavour of Tasty World snacks before purchasing them? The Tasty World Snacks plant is now open for tours, so you can see how they’re manufactured. In several languages, there are tours available for both adults and children. Visit us to learn the delicious secrets of this delicious business.

Have you ever wondered how Tasty World Snacks are made? The good news is that you can now travel to the Tasty World Experience centre to take a factory tour, discover how quality snacks are manufactured with the utmost attention to hygiene and consistency, taste, shape, and size, and enjoy other attractions. We would be honoured to have you as a guest in our cafe where you can sample our snacks and sip hot coffee from the single origin coffee estate. In addition, you may leave with some Tasty World merchandise. For more information, please visit our Instagram at tastyworld foodfactory/?next=%2

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